Pastor & Staff

Jeremy Nobles

Head Pastor

Jeremy Nobles was called as Pastor in 2003. I married a wonderful woman, named Cristy. She is my precious jewel from God and she keeps me grounded, and reminds me, and I quote, “You are not God.” Cristy grew up in England where her parents were missionaries for many years. We also have a gem from God, Gemma London Nobles.I am amazed and humbled that God would use me for HIS purpose. No matter where God plants me, I attempt to glorify HIM. It is my desire to serve MY HEAVENLY FATHER in whatever capacity HE will allow. Whether that is preaching, teaching, or scrubbing toilets—I want my life to be to HIS praise and honor. I enjoy being able to teach people God’s Word, so they can experience a relationship with GOD. I love to see someone get it! You see their eyes light up and, it is like they are shouting “WOW” on the inside. I love being able to help people grow up in Christ. I love to read, it does not matter what. History, fiction, scientific, anything really. I enjoy hanging out with my two beautiful girls. My wife Cristy, and our daughter Gemma. I love to create through writing. I would love to publish some books, one being A fiction book.  I am currently working on a book on trauma soon to be published.