Dedicated to helping men down the path toward Biblical masculinity

About Us

Our mission

    We believe that masculinity (aka manliness) is not a state, but a process. It is not a set of actions that determine character, but a character that determines actions. We strive to come along side men in their journey; to help them aim true toward Christ, the ultimate example of masculinity.
     Ironworks is a men's ministry with a different focus. We don't just get together to have fun, and we don't just give men tools to become more like Christ. We foster an environment of fellowship, personal responsibility, and discipleship to help men in their daily walk. We like to have fun, we like to fellowship; but-more importantly-we endeavor to help men in our daily lives to become the Biblical leaders God intended.
     The main tenet of Biblical masculinity is leadership. God has called all men to be leaders, regardless of where we find ourselves in life. Through three programs, we take Christian men--whether long-time or recently saved, and show them with God's Word, how to become those leaders through the core values of selflessness, sacrifice, and service.
The Forge
is a coming-of-age (or rite of passage) from boyhood into manhood. It is meant to provide the young man with the tools he needs to survive, as a Christian, in the world by himself.
The Anvil
is a course designed for men as a refresher in discovering Biblical manliness. It can also serve as a discipleship tool for men who are new believers, aiding them as the follow Christ's example of leadership.
The Edge
is a program to foster a network of mutual growth and accountability for men of all ages and stages of their Christian walk. This mentorship can play a key role in providing the everyday tools men need.
As iron sharpeneth iron, so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.
Proverbs 27:17